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Roofing Miami FL

Roofing Miami FLAre you looking for roofing Miami FL? There are some unique maintenance challenges Miami homeowners face due to South Florida’s sub-tropical climate. A long rainy season, hurricanes, and the intense UV radiation of the sun take a toll on Miami roofing systems. For each roofing system, a periodic maintenance regimen is required and of course the assistance of a professional roofing company. Count on Dadeland Roofing for quality roofing solutions in Miami.

Why Hire Us?

From the moment you hire the services of Dadeland Roofing until the completion of your residential or commercial roofing project, you can expect high-quality service from every Dadeland Roofing employee. From our years of service in Miami, we have built a sterling reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, and that’s what we are committed to delivering 365 days a year.

Our roofing Miami FL technicians are:

  • Professionally trained to help you with the selection of quality roof material options
  • Skilled in roof installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance
  • Considerate to homeowner preferences and budgets
  • Capable of solving all roof-related issues to ensure 100% homeowner satisfaction

Our Services

Roofing Maintenance

roofing miami flEfficient roof maintenance gives the homeowners a cost-effective solution to protect their home and extend its life as well as protect other components of the structure. At Dadeland Roofing, we specialize in identifying roof-related problems and following a preventive maintenance program to maximize your roof’s life and protect your investment. Our regular maintenance services also help you save thousands of dollars with minimal cost.

Emergency Roofing Repair

Dadeland Roofing employs a qualified, rapid response team for emergency roof repair services. Our emergency roofing repair services offer you a roofing system safe from any leaks or damages. Whether it’s day or night, when you call, our expert roofing technicians will be there to fix your emergency problem efficiently and promptly any time you need us.

roofing miami flGreen Solutions

With the general public more aware of eco options in roofing systems and the rising energy costs, green roofing systems including vegetative “living” roofs and cool roofs are becoming quite popular these days. At Dadeland Roofing, we take the environment very seriously and are committed to building a greener tri-county area with cost-effective and efficient residential and commercial eco-roofing solutions.

Custom Gutters and Downspouts

Installing a seamless gutter system in your home is an important economical home improvement that can provide you major protection. Dadeland Roofing has a custom-made, full-service, downspout and rain gutter division that offers pre-painted copper or aluminum gutters including custom flashings and a wide range of custom gutter profiles.

Dadeland Roofing – Dadeland Roofing Miami FL

Dadeland Roofing is your first choice for all your commercial projects, including new roof installations, flat roofing, maintenance, and all forms of repairs. From planned maintenance programs to mechanical roof-top installations, we offer efficient work and competitive pricing on all jobs to keep you within budget and on schedule.

For any more questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Call 786-681-7663 for any of your roofing needs!

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