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Are you looking for roofing installation? The roof is a vital component of the entire structure of your home or your business property. Therefore, it’s essential that the roofers who repair and maintain your roof are committed to quality workmanship and know what they’re doing. At Dadeland Roofing, we are a team of professional and experienced roofers who are dedicated to helping you with all your roofing problems.

Why Choose Us?

Roofing Installation

Roofing Installation

Dadeland Roofing is not your typical roofing company. Our team consists of well-trained, professional, and experienced roofers that have worked on numerous roof installation and roof replacement projects. We truly specialize in our craftsmanship and are capable of taking on small and large residential as well as commercial projects with meticulous attention to detail and consistent quality. We have the knowledge and technical expertise about all the products and materials we use for our roof installation, repair, and replacement projects.

Uniform installation standards, manufacturer product knowledge, determined commitment to 100% client satisfaction, and continuous safety training are the hallmarks of our service.

Our Services

There are three major roofing services we offer: roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repair.

Roof Installation

At Dadeland Roofing, we believe that you should contact us with your upcoming roof installation project for the following reasons:

• We focus on one roofing project at a time. In this way, you can rest assured that when we come to install your new roof, we will be focusing entirely on your project.

• We use premium quality materials during the roof installation process. By doing this, we ensure the durability and functionality of your new roof for years to come.

• We back up the quality and excellence of our work with experience. We have years of experience in the roofing industry.

You don’t have to put anyone else on your new Florida home roofing project. Let us do the job right from start to finish.

Roof Repair

Dadeland RoofingThere are many scenarios that can damage the roof of your home over time and threaten its durability and functionality. You can count on us for your roofing repair project. We provide roof repair services in Florida and are known for our detail-oriented, seamless work.

Thanks to our extensive experience, Dadeland Roofing will be able to take care of your roofing problem in no time.

Roof Replacement

If your residential or commercial property’s roof is getting older or has been damaged by stormy weather, you need a company that can handle the roof replacement process efficiently. Thanks to our commitment to excellent service, you can depend on Dadeland Roofing to replace the roof on your home or business professionally.

Dadeland Roofing

We realize that it’s difficult to operate your business or live in your home when your roof is being replaced. Therefore, we make sure that our roof replacement process is quick and efficient, without compromising the quality. When you hire our services for the roof replacement of your property, we get the job done right without delays.

If you have any more questions,don’t hesitate to give us a call at Call 786-681-7663 for any of your roofing needs!

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