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Are you looking for a commercial roof installation? When it comes to high-performing and affording roofing solutions, Dadeland Roofing is your best source for high-quality commercial roofing.

We provide installation services for commercial properties of all sizes. We also offer commercial design, re-roofing, repair, and maintenance services throughout Florida.

Why Choose Us?

DadelandRoofingCompanyWhen you hire Dadeland Roofing, you will love our skilled workmanship that is focused entirely on the preservation and safety of your property. Our objective is to complete each and every project in an efficient manner with minimum disruption to your business. We care a lot about our community, therefore, we practice environmental and energy conservation whenever possible.

With Dadeland Roofing, you will enjoy the best in professional workmanship and leak-free protection for your commercial property. Our team is known for exceeding expectations. For many years, we have provided premium quality commercial roofing services in Florida.

Some additional reasons to hire us:

  • We are an experienced team as we have been in the business for many years
  • We make appointments at your convenience
  • We offer free estimates
  • We have all kinds of roofing equipment ready to handle any size job
  • All our new applications are fully guaranteed

Our Services

As compared to residential roofing, commercial roofing configuration is quite different and therefore it requires specialized care. We at Dadeland Roofing, can help you design, install, repair, and maintain any type of commercial roof. As we are a Florida-based company, we understand the demands of the local weather, and we are capable of creating a state-of-the-art commercial roof that will serve you and your business for many years.

We offer the following types of commercial roof installation services:


Roofing-dadelandOur experienced roofing experts can develop the best, modern, and stylish design for your commercial roof in Florida on the structure and location of the building. We take your specific requirements and your budget into account and discuss all the details with you to create a perfect design for your company.


We can install a variety of commercial roofing types popular in Florida. Our roofing systems include (but not limited to) the following:

  • EPDM
  • Green roofs
  • Thermoplastic
  • Modified bitumen systems
  • Built-up
  • Metal
  • Coated systems

Commercial Roof InstallationRepair

Experienced and highly qualified technicians from Dadeland Roofing can perform any type of commercial roofing repairs efficiently and quickly. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services!


Repairs can be quite expensive, but in most cases, you can avoid them with the help of regular maintenance. We can develop a personalized maintenance program for your business to ensure cost-efficiency and maximum protection. In order to keep any commercial roof in Florida in good condition, monthly inspection and maintenance is essential. You can count on us for this job.

Dadeland Roofing – Commercial Roof Installation

Dadeland Roofing is your first choice for all your commercial projects, including new roof installations, flat roofing, maintenance, and all forms of repairs. From planned maintenance programs to mechanical roof-top installations, we offer efficient work and competitive pricing on all jobs to keep you within budget and on schedule.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call at Call 786-681-7663 for any of your roofing needs!

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